after a childhood in France, the French-algerian founder moved to Germany where she made her marks in the Berlin decoration and e-commerce sphere, working at Zalando or westwing. now Paris-based, Anissa delli kept a marked taste for the bauhaus style and everything Mediterranean.


after working 10 years in the industry, the founder realizes that the home. & decor industry needs as much change than fashion. m. basiques came from a desire to do things differently, in a truly transparent, eco-conscious way. our mission is to offer everyone the access to sustainable home staples, of outstanding quality, knowing how it has been made and. priced.


in a few words? bold and timeless Anissa sees home decor as fashion: the clothes we love the most are the timeless ones, those we keep throughout the years, the quality of which time does not seem to alter. thus, she designed m. basiques to pass the test of time, with its timeless shapes and addictive colours.